It is shocking that even after being unable to scrounge enough votes for a simple procedural vote to stop Trump and steal for Cruz at the GOP convention, some Cruzies are still campaigning against the GOP nominee.  Even going as far as to say:

2016-07-17 12_01_40-Ted Cruz For President 2016.png

Right. The man who has had an undying love for America since he was a cadet in military school, who supported Ronald Reagan, called himself a “conservative” since the 1980’s, who expressed dismay the night of Obama’s election and who denounced ObamaCare from the start is….just like Hillary?   The intellectual dishonesty of these people proves they themselves are either not honest or are merely useful idiots in the Cruz mind control operation.

It was reported that there are STILL a small remnant attempting to “take over the convention” despite being rebuked by the peers at every front.  Worse, many of these continue to claim that, in addition to being “a liberal Democrat,” he’s also a fascist and an authoritarian.  Funny, AFTER he locked up enough delegates to win the GOP nomination he has:

  • Selected rabid pro-life John Mashburn as his policy director.
  • Selected TEA Party conservative and LGBT rebuffing Mike Pence as VP.
  • Hired the core of the Reagan economic team and released one of the best economic plans in history.
  • Made overtures to candidates like Cruz who slandered and libeled him consistently throughout the primaries, including accepting them at the convention.
  • Released his health care policy to obliterate ObamaCare and enact conservative reforms.
  • Released his immigration policy paper not only demanding a zero policy for illegals but also suspending Islamic immigration until they are vetted.
  • Maintained his list of pro-life judges for the Supreme Court.
  • Introduced a Veterans policy to not only fix the VA, but to allow veterans to use ANY healthcare facility.
  • Released the strongest Second Amendment policy in the history of the GOP including advocating a NATIONAL RIGHT TO CARRY.
  • Has declared a war on radical Islam and ISIS.

All of this when – if he was a liberal – would make no sense to move back to the center in preparation for taking on Hillary Clinton and the Dems.   None of which makes sense if he was an “authoritarian” instead accommodating his political enemies for the good of the party.

Yet somehow these folks make no effort against “conservatives” Mitch McConnell, who – with Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz gave Iran – who has declared war against the United States – economic and diplomatic freedom.  They make no effort to stop Paul Ryan from speaking at the convention although he rubberstamped funding for ObamaCare, hasn’t made an attempt to balance the budget in all of his years as Speaker and STILL wants open borders.  There is no castigating Ted Cruz who voted for China presiding over law as late as November, who advocated to INCREASE Muslim immigration by 300% and who last week voted to deny states their 10th Amendment freedoms by passing the Monsanto “dark law” to allow them to hide glysophate poisons to US consumers.

The ONLY two things Trump is not a “conservative” in, is that he would allow abortions in the case of rape or incest – something none of his nomianted Supreme Court Justices would – and that he no longer feels the American taxpayers need to spend $3 Trillion to police the insane politics of the rest of the world.  About 7,000 American lives would have been spared in having – quite literally ZERO positive impact in eliminating radical Islamic forces and would have stopped ISIS from being formed.

You say Trump’s not a conservative?  Funny, EVERY SINGLE MOVE he’s made since already won the nomination has been to go further right.

2016-07-17 11_59_30-Ted Cruz For President 2016Most of these factually-challenged fanatics are former Ted Cruz supporters.  They lied originally saying Trump was just using the campaign to build his “brand” and his business.  He refused to solicit any larger donations.  They then accused him of not being as wealthy as he said.  He released the largest financial disclosure in history and affirmed that he was worth a minimum of $4 Billion (many times wealthier than Romney) and very likely could be over $7 Billion to $10 Billion. They claimed he went “bankrupt” 4 times without apparently even researching to find out that none of those were personal bankruptcies, all were reorganization “Chapter 11” types, that he personally secured small creditors from his own wealth to make sure they were taken care of and, that even if you were idiotically inclined to assume those were “failures,” he still had a 96% business success among all his ventures, outperforming the S&P Indexes by 40% were he to never take a penny out for his own lifestyle and just reinvest all profits.

Newt Gingrich reported that he told Trump it would cost $60 million when asked by him how much it would take to win the GOP nomination.  Trump ended up winning more votes than any GOP candidate in history and still spent less than 1/3rd than Cruz and his SuperPacs did combined who have numerous FEC violations against them including lying to both Christian supporters and the FEC about his sweetheart “loans” from his wife’s employer Golddamn Sachs.  He said he instructed his people to be given a budget and make it work, keeping it lean just as he does his businesses which have remarkably low debt compared to industry averages.

They hypocritically complained he would pay himself back from the campaign  – exactly what Cruz did – and he cancelled his own note then immediately raising $50 Million in a week.   Just as when they complained he had no money to run against Hillary and – as you see above – now are claiming the convention is broke, they are proven wrong every single time.

So save me the hysterics that Trump is unhinged and a danger to America.   He has consistently advocated a love for this country his entire adult life.  He sent his personal planes to help bring back Veterans from Afghanistan when they couldn’t get a lift home.  He argued against the GOP spending in the ’90’s and attacked ObamaCare as it was being passed – going so far as to invite Ted Cruz to Mir-A-Lago to celebrate his efforts after his fake filibuster that was actually worked out with Harry Reid ahead of time.

Still – even today – at the beginning of the GOP Convention there are Cruz people pushing Open Borders/Pro-Muslim Bill Kristol’s effort to disparage Trump DURING the convention helping Hillary.  Hillary – the Saul Alinsky and Margaret Sanger loving woman who stole FBI files, stole White House furniture, attacked rape victims of her husband who laid the foundation of ObamaCare with HillaryCare.

If you still think someone who can run a lean, multi-billion international corporation is not a gifted leader or fiscally conservative candidate, or someone who has raised spectacular conservative children who are the envy of every family values traditionalist  – you truly do not love America, nor do you have any desire to make her great again.

The choice is very clear.
Hillary — higher taxes
Trump — lower taxes

Hillary — supports amnesty, more uncontrolled legal and illegal immigration
Trump — wants to secure the border, enforce laws and begin deportation

National Deficit, Debt
Hillary — more, more, more
Trump — wants to eliminate the debt, balance the annual budget

Trade Policy
Hillary — absent
Trump — supports free trade but wants to renegotiate unfair trade deals, wants to protect American interests and jobs

Hillary — believes police are racist and target blacks, supports federal takeover
Trump — absolute support for police

Hillary — absent
Trump — has a detailed plan to fix and reform

Hillary — hates the military
Trump — totally supports our troops

Muslims and Terrorism
Hillary — more, more, more
Trump — called for temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration

Women‘s Rights
Hillary — more and free abortions, see Bill, Monica, Paula, et al
Trump — see his wife, children, former girl friends, former employees

Hillary — supports gun control, confiscation
Trump — supports 2nd Amendment

Hillary — unlimited, no restrictions, free abortions
Trump — pro-life SCOTUS judges only

Foreign Policy
Hillary — see Benghazi, reset with Russia
Trump — reestablish who our allies and enemies are

Hillary — pro-union, supports Common Core and federal control
Trump — opposes Common Core and supports local control

Health Care
Hillary — supports single-payer, govt-controlled system
Trump — wants to repeal ObamaCare and institute genuine reforms