A lot never made sense about Ted Cruz’s supposed 2nd place popularity in the 2016 Republican primary.  His shrill, holier than thou prevarications never made sense to all but a minority of Evangelicals who were sold the lie he was the “moral” candidate.

The conservative press never covered the egregious NSA-driven social media computer systems he used that stole information from Facebook users (and worse) or the inexplicable way he carried EVERY COUNTY the far norther liberal northeast2016-06-17 17_13_37-The Daily Callerern state of Maine despite not even coming close to winning a single county 5 days before in the Massachusetts primary 5 hours away and not a single county in any NE state thereafter.

Now, Daily Caller has an online poll of VP Candidates for Donald Trump to chose from and Ted Cruz is tied FOR LAST among all the previous candidates even beaten by Kaisch and Rubio.

Exactly, how is that possible?  If Cruz was popular enough to win 13% of the primary wins, 78% of the caucus wins (29% of the state wins total), how is it possible that he is tied with Chris Christie at the bottom?

Delegate-Count-5-18-Rep-and-Dem-1What many suspected all along was that Cruz NEVER had the following his campaign claimed.  Utah had multiple eyewitness reports (and video) of ballot box stuffing.  Oklahoma and Kansas were polling DOUBLE DIGITS for Cruz only a week before the election but Cruz wins them both by double digits?  It simply isn’t possible.  From PolitiJim.com:

Many were shocked at Ted Cruz’s wins in Oklahoma, Kansas and Maine where, not only did he win states heavily polling for Trump by double digits, he won convincingly. Maine is especially interesting because, being a “blue” Northeastern state, not a single notable political pundit or the Cruz campaign itself, ever predicted this state would be in play, much less won by Ted Cruz.  The final tally was Ted Cruz 46% to Donald Trump at 33% a 13 point win.  This is especially shocking since nationally, in polls which aggregated Cruz-friendly red states, Trump was leading Cruz by approximately 35% to 20%.  This means Cruz exceeded expectations in Maine by nearly 30 points. 

To this pundit, this is hard proof Cruz NEVER had the support the media (or the Cruz camp) claimed.  Moreover, it suggests rampant voter fraud and manipulation by the George Bush DHS/NSA/CIA forces that ran his campaign.